Run specific drills to get faster and reduce the chance of injuries.

  • Stair jumps
  • jumping lunges
  • high knee jumps
  • one-legged hops
  • strides

Do entire sequence once or twice a week, preferably after a workout or medium run.

Keep your ‘EASY’ days Easy.

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Seanna Robinson is the principal and founder of RunningWell - a corporate wellness company. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise with others to help improve their wellness, engagement and performance in all areas of life. Seanna is a long-time coach who has coached many levels of runners from beginners to marathoners, to high-competitive track runners. She has a passion for helping others to bring their personal goals back into priority and make them a reality. She is a competitive runner who is still reaching for personal best times while running a business and raising two young kids.

Seanna has a Phys. Ed degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Queen's University.

Personal bests include:

Ironman - 10:38
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