Heather Hamilton
Hailing from Mississauga, Ontario, Heather has had many successes in her pole vaulting career, including winning the 2013 Canadian National Championships, the 2013 Canadian Track League and a bronze medal at the 2013 Francophone Games.

  • Gold medal – 2013
  • Canadian National Championships
  • Gold medal – 2013
  • Canadian Track League
  • Bronze medal – 2013
  • Francophone Games
  • Champion and record holder – 2009/10

  • CIS (Canadian University)
  • 2010 Mississauga Female Amateur Athlete of the Year
  • Silver medal – 2008
  • Canadian Olympic Trials

Tips from Heather:

1. Use proper running/jogging technique – foot strike is important to prevent overuse injuries. Strike the ground towards the back of the foot or the midfoot. Avoid running on your toes!

2. Find a training partner to optimize your workouts. Training with other people is more motivating and enjoyable. They can help to push you on days where you don’t feel like training.

3. Recovery is more important than the training itself. Make sure to fuel your body with healthy fats, protein and carbs (mostly veggies), prioritize sleep (7-9 hours is best), and listen to your body – if you are injured, stressed, or overtired, lighten the training to recover quickly. A light warm-up or jog will do wonders to speed recovery in between days of longer runs or higher volume training.

4. Weight training will make you a stronger runner. It’s great to go for 5, 10, or 15 km runs, but this can also lead to overuse injuries if your body isn’t strong. Complement your running workouts with a visit to the gym and your body will thank you.

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