I run for youth mental health because it changes lives. It may be the life of a 14 year boy who attempts to die by suicide or the life of a 22 year old terrorized by suspicion, paranoia and voices. Whoever they are, whether a youth, sibling or parent, they need specialized mental health treatment. They need treatment that is appropriate and that is timely. They need help for something that is complex and has no singular solution. The Family Navigation Project at Sunnybrook provides this support; I provide this support as a mental health clinician with the Family Navigation Project. Every day I am inspired by the families that reach out for this support and by my colleagues that continue to provide this support. Our work at the Family Navigation Project has demonstrated that youth and families can better cope with mental illness when they have access to appropriate services when they need it. I want to be able to continue to provide this support and that is why I run for youth mental health.

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